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Janvi Farm an existing farm in agricultural fruits produce. We are dedicated to the production of pineapple, pawpaw, mango and coconut. Janvi farm has been formed as a limited liability corp. located Akuapim south Pokrom Nsabaa in eastern region. Janvi farm is working hard to become a leading producer of pineapple plants for the pineapple industry by leveraging a well thought out business plan executed by a skilled management team. Our farms are built to respect the natural environment while growing fresher and healthier produce. .


Mango has been identified as one of the main traditional fruits that has demand as an export commodity and is therefore being promoted in Ghana, to become a major potential foreign exchange earner in the next 5-10 years


The economic importance of pineapple is easily justified by its unique characteristics as a fruit, which ensured its rapid diffusion and adoption, in the tropics and subtropics. Pineapple is a perennial monocotyledonous plant with a terminal multiple fruit.


The coconut is a tropical tree species, mainly grown and harvested by small-scale farmers. Production of coconuts is concentrated on island and coastal areas, such as Fiji and Samoa, as well as in the humid tropics, such as India, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia


Pawpaw are native to North America, growing wild in 26 states, mostly east of the Mississippi. It's probably best known and loved in the Mountain South, where stands of trees produce fruit that weighs between 5 and 16 ounces, making it the largest tree fruit in North America.

Our Pineapples

Sugar Loaf

Sugarloaf pineapples are cylindrical in shape, slightly tapering at the crown, pale colour of flesh and sweet fruits with a little acidity. They weigh an average of 4 to 6 pounds. Their thin and waxy rind is tough, yet somewhat softer than most other pineapple varieties, and it will remain a vibrant green color even when ripe, with golden yellow to orange tones at the centers of its hexagonal segments.

Smooth Cayenne

This variety has high sugar and acid with yellow flesh and skin that grows in cylindrical fashion. Noble strap like leaves in deep green with red tones are spineless and easy to grow in the garden or in a container as a house or patio plant. Raw pineapple is a phenomenal source of manganese and vitamin C. Some cultures consider a gift of pineapple to be a polite sign of hospitality.


This variety of pineapple is recognized internationally for its great aroma and exquisite flavor, contains twice as much vitamin C than other species of pineapple, contains B vitamins, is rich in sugars and fiber, 100 grams of pineapple provides 50 kilocalories. The water content is high. One of its main features are the golden color of its outer crust.



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